Thursday, March 24, 2011

What A Job This Is

Throughout my 2 years of tattooing, I have experienced plenty of obstacles to leap over and knock down as an artist. True enough, this is the best job that I could ever have but it gets harder and harder, in between all of the great moments. A lot of people make comments based upon them wishing that they had the job that I have. And I'm glad that they don't because this industry is not meant for just anyone to join in. Sometimes I don't think that I'm fully accepted into the club just yet, simply for the fact that there are a lot of things that I have to prove and 2 years doesn't really show that I can run with the big dogs in this game, but I'm working on it.

I am recently going through the challenges of what my clients puts me through. Now I'm young and I can have somewhat of a mild temper, and I try so hard to keep myself from being blunt about certain things, but help me help you. It would help if they had taken the time to help themselves. By helping yourself, you would take the time to do some research of your own. The amount of research that you do helps you build up a group of ideas for your next potential tattoo. Bring references to help the artist out in figuring out the best way to approach a design of your own. And still you have people that will stand right in front of me and say something like:

"Well, you're the artist. What kind of ideas do you have?"

Now I know that everybody does not have the ability that I am blessed with, but damn, show some sign of imagination. Plus, sometimes the artist doesn't always know what to draw. I guess you should know that most of the time we build our inspiration off of YOU.

I'm beginning to think that many individuals do not have a mind of their own. I find plenty of my clients coming in with their friend(s) and that's cool but once I show them a design, they will turn to their friend to see what they think, whether they like it or not. I thought tattoos were for you. That’s why you came to get tattooed today!!! Friends tend to get in to get in the way, not unless the both of are getting matching tattoos. People act like their friends will disown them for getting something tattooed if their friends don't like the design. Your friend is only here for moral support, when you are getting tattooed. It's pretty much a slap in the face to ask someone else, but I guess I have to roll with the punches in order to be as humble and successful like everybody wants you to be.

Well I'm young and still pretty much have a lot to learn. Work hard or go home.

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